Cash Vouchers

Vouchers are issued for emergency assistance by voucher writers associated with the member churches of The Bridge to those who meet eligibility requirements including those related to residence (within the school districts of Waverly, Sayre, and Athens as well as transients), previous help from The Bridge, and family income guidelines as determined through the completion of an interview and application.
Vouchers are mainly issued for:

    • Shelter:  for people facing eviction (need an eviction notice), needing a security deposit to secure housing, or needing overnight shelter.
    • Utilities: for those in danger of having their gas, electric, or water turned off (need a shut-off notice).
    • Food: for transients needing a meal after Food Bank hours.
    • Transportation: for those stranded and unable to get transportation out of the community.
    • Other emergency situations: other monetary crises may be considered once the proper eligibility has been established.
There is a limit to what a family can receive (generally up to $300 every 6 months or 100 gallons of fuel oil every 12 months with a limit to help of 3 times in 7 years), but each case is decided on an individual basis. To start the process of getting voucher, call the Clearinghouse at 570-888-8826 or email